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The Best Way to Avoid Illness And Stay Well During the Monsoons

The Best Way to Avoid Illness And Stay Well During the Monsoons Header

Monsoon is here in full swing, and the dreariness and fatigue of the summer is finally coming to an end. The petrichor in the air and wet leaves almost makes us want to celebrate the arrival of the rains.

As the elements of nature replenish themselves in the abundance of refreshing and persistent rains, the human condition slowly develops its own problems. The villain we’re referring to are the seasonal illnesses that show up as part of our traditional Indian monsoon.

The coronavirus pandemic taught us that a weak immune system can overreact to even small infections, leading to serious autoimmune disorders.


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You don’t want seasonal monsoon infections to kill your celebratory mood, do you?

Studies have shown that 21 per cent of Indians have low immunity levels, leaving them prone to a variety of illnesses including seasonal infections.


You may get diseases like:


1. Cold, Cough and Flu

Cold Flu

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These are such common monsoon related illnesses that we’ve gotten used to a “season” of cold and cough during rainy weather. With COVID looming over us, we can no longer be passive to these common-cold attacks.

Home remedies like having warm water with ginger, honey and black pepper can be miraculous in alleviating symptoms of cough and common cold during this time.


2. Mosquito-borne Diseases

Mosquito-borne Diseases

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With rain comes puddles of stagnant water – in our homes as well as in surrounding areas. Dengue, Malaria, Chikungunya etc. are some diseases spread by mosquitoes that breed in stagnant waters.

Tulsi leaves, coconut water, turmeric, ginger and Epsom salt soak are some effective home remedies to relive pain and symptoms caused by mosquito-bred diseases.


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Tulsi is rich in antioxidants that boosts the immune system, so it also helps in quick recovery and protects you from developing symptoms.


3. Water-borne Diseases

Water-borne Diseases

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Potable water is as important for our replenishment as food is to our body. The arrival of rains may cause pollutants and bacteria to seep into your drinking water, thereby making it unfit for consumption.

Moreover, you never know the storage methods that are being followed in the source of your drinking water. This may cost you your health in the form of various water-borne diseases like jaundice, typhoid and cholera.

Ensuring safe water sources, and purifying water by the methods mentioned later in the article can keep you safe from developing these seasonal infections.


Here are some simple, easy-to-follow methods that can help protect you from these seasonal illnesses:


  • Eat Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal Fruit

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Fruits are a storehouse of fibers, vitamins and minerals in the right proportions. They are also scrumptious and rejuvenating when eaten fresh.

But seasonal fruits have a goodness of their own since they are nature’s way of giving you the right immuno-boosters at the right time. Just like eating jackfruit during summers can help protect from summer-related illnesses, fruits like amla, mosambi, papaya and guava eaten during monsoon, can do wonders for your immunity.

You may also want to avoid cut-fruits available in streets because of the bacteria build-up that can happen in these conditions. This can weaken your stomach and cause diseases like diarrhea. Don’t forget to thoroughly wash your fruits and vegetables before raw consumption.


  • Probiotics Are Your Best Friend


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They are called probiotics because they are good bacteria. These are of utmost importance during this time because they improve your natural immunity to fight common infections.

They help in digesting food, but more importantly they fight disease-causing cells in your body. They are also associated with reduced rate and duration of mild respiratory tract infections.

While they’re already present in your body, including yoghurt and curd in your diet can be a great way to garner the goodness of these probiotics. If you are down with diarrhea, due to change in weather or by drinking impure water, probiotics promise you speedy recovery.


  • Drink Boiled Water

Boiling Water

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Stay hydrated! Monsoon makes you feel less thirsty because of the overall reduced heat and perspiration. But that does NOT mean you should drink less water!

It is also necessary to drink only boiled, cooled water or R.O. Purified drinking water to avoid water-borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea and jaundice.

Drinking water can also rid your body of harmful toxins that have a negative effect on your immune system. So, keep drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water to avoid falling ill during the monsoon!


  • Keep Your Surroundings Clean


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Mosquitoes can be your worst nightmare during the monsoon and hence it’s important to keep your surroundings as safe as possible to avoid their excessive breeding.

Do not allow water to remain stagnant in vessels, neglected containers and discarded coconut shells. It is also advisable to use mosquito repellent nets and creams to avoid bites.


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Growing certain plants like marigold and lemongrass in your surroundings can also be very helpful by acting as a natural mosquito repellent. They contain essential oils that organically drive away mosquitoes without causing any side-effects, leaving you healthy and safe.


  • Periodic Health Check-ups and Vaccination

Health Checkup

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An early visit to the doctor can prevent serious damage. Preventive health check-ups are available in most hospitals these days. Check out your nearest health-provider for a quick test so that you can access early treatment and prevent losing out on your well-being for an extended period of time.

Vaccinations are also available for most of these infections like cholera, malaria and polio. It is also necessary to keep up-to-date on any new vaccines.


Preventive Medicine



Most home remedies involving proper care of diet and physical health fall under the category of preventive health care.

Taking vitamin and nutritional supplements aimed at improving your overall well-being builds your immunity over a long period of time, thereby protecting you from illnesses that hit everyone else faster.

Sava Herbals (TM) provides an option to build your immunity through the goodness of well-known Herbs.

We know that not everyone can be fortunate enough to be born with a great immune system, but we believe in your ability to build it over time to protect yourselves from seasonal diseases.

Actisheeld is an herbal supplement that can help improve your immune system, potentially helping you stay safe from illnesses.

It contains the goodness of Mulethi and Kalmegh which helps fight infections.


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Its combination of effective and safe ingredients like tulsi, guduchi, licorice, ashwagandha and fenugreek work to boost your immunity organically, keeping unnecessary infections at bay.

With the help of Actisheeld, you can happily enjoy the freedom and joy of monsoon without the fear of infections.

We all deserve that rejuvenation after a hot, tiring summer, don’t we? Now you can do so by simply inculcating a new, herbal habit into your daily life.


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