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Sava Herbals – Actisheeld

ACTISHEELD Tablet is a harmonious blend of time-tested botanicals like Tulsi, Guduchi, Ashwagandha, Kalmegh, and many more to strengthen the immune system. ACTISHEELD protects the body from various infections, common illnesses and seasonal challenges

Sava Herbals – Gudslep

GUDSLEP Tablet helps improve sleep quality. This herbal formula does not carry any adverse effects on central nervous system or overall metabolism as are evident with modern sedative drugs. GUDSLEP is a non-addictive natural formula that also reduces stress and anxiety.

Sava Herbals – Livstar Tablets

LIVSTAR Tablet is a comprehensive hepatoprotective remedy, helps protect liver from various liver toxins It helps improve liver functions, regulates bile flow, improves digestion and absorption of nutrients, maintains functional integrity of hepatocytes (liver cells)

Sava Herbals – Lo-wt

LO-WT is a unique herbal formulation that naturally helps weight management when taken along with balanced diet and proper lifestyle. LO-WT is beneficial in lowering lipid levels in blood, and also useful in obesity associated with diabetes mellitus.

Sava Herbals – Maxper

MAXPER Tablets boost performance, reduce stress and anxiety. MAXPER increases strength, vigour and vitality. It also helps reduce fatigue and tiredness

Sava Herbals – Mussk

MUSSK Tablets is a non-hormonal herbal formula that promotes overall wellness, vitality, and stamina, empowering men to thrive in every aspect of life. The product also helps improve sperm parameters and overall virility.