Sava Herbals manufactures standardized herbal extracts that synergistically combine the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the modern production and QC method

Our cGMP Certified and USFDA inspected facility offers quality botanical extracts to Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage industries. The products offerings include standardized herbal extracts and bioactives that set high standards of identity, purity and strength. We have partnered with major distributors across USA, Europe, Japan etc for better customer service. Sava has special emphasis on Raw material and partnered with Farmers/vendors and thus practices Good Agricultural Practices which enables us to adhere to stringent pesticide and Heavy metal limits and also helps us demonstrate traceability. Sava also has efficient R&D which has developed more than 5 formulations which are patent pending that have beneficial effects in enhancing the quality of life.


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