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If You’re Overweight, You Could Be At Risk For These 10 Health Problems

It’s difficult to stay fit with our fast-paced lifestyle. Very often we tend to fry that frozen sausage and pair it with bread than make rava upma out of scratch.

Most of us are also involved in sedentary work patterns and high calorie intake, causing an energy imbalance. In simple words, we eat heavy but don’t move enough.

As a result, a large chunk of the population today is overweight, sometimes without even realising it.


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The meaning of overweight is having a BMI (Body Mass Index) equal to or greater than 25 and for obesity this value is 30 and above.

We live in a scary reality where being obesity and overweight kill more than being malnourished. According to WHO, obesity tripled between 1975 and 2016. This means more health risks due to being overweight.


How Bad Can Overweight Be?


Let’s face it, no one likes being overweight. Society shames people for being fat but fat-shaming only worsens obesity and drives weight gain.

It affects our self-esteem significantly in addition to a range of physical health problems. Here are 10 health risks that are caused by obesity and overweight:


1. Heart Disease


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Cardiovascular diseases like stroke and heart disease are the major fatalities that have roots in overweight. They were the main cause of death in 2012 which is shocking.

Atherosclerosis is a heart condition caused by fat cells accumulating in your arteries. Irregular heartbeat (atrial fibrillation) is also one of the heart risks associated with weight gain.


What you can do:

Cleveland Clinic states that reducing 5 to 10 per cent of your weight can reduce the risk of heart disease.


2. Diabetes

Reduce Blood Glucose Levels

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People who are overweight and lead inactive lifestyles often get diagnosed with type-2 diabetes.

This leads to a number of health risks like:

  • vision loss
  • nerve damage (neuropathy)
  • kidney failure
  • slow healing of wounds

Controlling sugar intake and reducing weight by exercise and food control are the key to preventing type-2 diabetes.


What you can do:

Pre-diabetes is the stage of increased blood glucose levels which eventually leads to type-2 diabetes. This progression can be slowed down by losing a modest amount of weight.


3. Fatty Liver Disease

Liver Health

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The build-up of fat due to being overweight does not evade a really important organ of your body – your liver. This is the condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)


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In the worst case, fatty liver disease can lead to liver cirrhosis and even lead to kidney disease.


What you can do:

There is no specific medication for NAFLD, which is why a healthy lifestyle is your only option. Losing weight is the best option because it easily removes fat from your liver.


4. Gastrointestinal Trouble

Less Sleep Impacts Weight

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Abdominal pain and bloating are a direct consequence of gastrointestinal trouble and most often, being overweight is a cause. People who are overweight also experience cramping, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation as a result of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

A study found that that the more you weigh, the more gastrointestinal symptoms you show.


What you can do:

Losing weight gradually, increasing fiber intake and decreasing dietary intake of fats is the easiest way to alleviate gastrointestinal trouble.


5. Musculo-Skeletal Disorders


Fat cells are chemically active and keep releasing proteins that cause inflammation in our body.

Thus it is no surprise that disorders of the bones, particularly osteoarthritis (OA) is a direct cause of obesity. It is a highly disabling condition that degenerates the joints and causes inflammation in various parts.

It is not only your knees and hips that are at risk. We are capable of developing hand arthritis due to the proteins that fat cells produce.


What you can do:

Losing weight is the key to reducing pain from OA. Dr. Messier of Arthritis Foundation states “Losing just 10% of your body weight can cut arthritis pain in half. Losing 20% can cut arthritis pain by another 25% or more”.


6. High Levels of Triglycerides and High LDL Cholesterol


The relation between weight and cholesterol levels is popularly known. LDL is “bad cholesterol” that increases your risk of developing heart problems.

LDL creates fatty deposits on the insides of your arteries, reducing and eventually restricting blood flow. This is what causes heart disease. So, in a way, it is increased cholesterol that leads to heart problems in overweight people.

High levels of Triglycerides and cholesterol may develop in regular people but being obese and overweight increases your odds.


What you can do:

Weight loss exercise and eating healthy is the proper solution to combating this problem.


7. Malnutrition

Increased Appetite during Monsoon

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Believe it or not, undernutrition and obesity can co-exist. Over eating and being overweight does not mean that your body gets the right nutrients in the right amount.

WHO states that this is why developing countries like India face a double burden of malnutrition due to being underweight and overweight.


What you can do:

By practicing mindful eating, one can keep track of our body’s micro and macro-nutrient requirement.


8. Mental Illnesses

Psychological Impact

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Our mental health can be badly affected due to the problems associated with our body image. Due to the social stigma associated with being overweight in a world obsessed with size-zero women and buff men, our self-esteem gets affected badly.

We love wearing pretty clothes and looking smart during social events and being overweight can often prevent us from doing so.

Body dysmorphia is a condition where one gets overly occupied with body defects and flaws and can’t stop thinking about it. A significant weight gain can trigger body dysmorphia which in turn can lead to eating disorders.

A study links excess weight to 55% higher chance of depression than in regular people. This doubled health condition makes it even more difficult to work towards losing weight.


What you can do:

Undergoing Intensive Behavioural Therapy and working towards reduction in physical weight can help improve your quality of life.


9. Trouble Sleeping and Breathing

What Happens If I dont have Good Sleep Hygiene

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Sleep apnea is a prevalent issue found in people due to being overweight. They experience disrupted breathing while sleeping.

This is also a fearful vicious cycle because excess weight can cause sleep apnea and insufficient sleep can cause further weight gain.

When you are overweight, you deposit pharyngeal fat in your neck, restricting the natural flow of air through your windpipe. Hence, snoring and trouble breathing is commonly seen when you are overweight.


What you can do:

Consulting a doctor for proper advice on weight loss and exercising regularly can help burn fat slowly and experience relief.


10. Social Anxiety


As a result of reduced body-image, overweight people might find it difficult to attend social events and face people. This culminates as social anxiety disorder due to fear of social interactions.

Slowly you start avoiding opportunities to meet people, which in turn leads to depression. Do you see how this leads to a chain reaction of mental illness?


What you can do:

Properly supervised weight-loss programs combined with timely help from a mental health specialist can help overcome the root of anxiety and its symptoms.


The Good News is That Obesity Is Preventable


Obesity and heart disease often comes with a combination of diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease and high blood pressure. Being overweight and suffering from this truckload of health risks is definitely no fun.

It comes as no surprise that our generation is obsessed with losing weight because it is the need of the hour.

As a result, a lot of us switch to fad diet plans for weight loss. The 7 days GM diet plan for weight loss is one such diet that rose to popularity when employees of General Motors dropped weight in just 7 days.


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The apple-cider vinegar diet, Military Diet and Juice-Only diets are some of these fad diets that rose and declined in popularity.

Fat Burners are also a dietary-supplements and creams that are available in the market that claim to burn excess fat from our bodies. However, these are ineffective and can even be dangerous.

Recently, the supplement forskolin has become popular as a weight loss solution. It theoretically reduces weight but the underlying fact is that it works only when combined with exercise and a nutritious diet.


Sustained, Long-Term Weight Loss is the Way To Go


A supportive environment and healthy community can help us make healthier choices in foods and physical activities. WHO suggests 150 minutes of exercises spread over the week for adults to maintain positive health.

Losing weight fast by following extreme diets and taking dangerous supplements that are not tailored to meet your individual nutrient requirements can be unsafe and even hazardous to your health.

A lot of these have their own risks and side-effects like liver damage, mood swings, muscle loss, addiction and can exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions.

Tips and tricks for rapid weight loss are thus, not helpful for long-term weight loss goals. They are also not backed by any scientific study, which is why they are called fad diets in the first place!

On the contrary, herbal weight loss supplements come with the benefit of being safe for consumption and working in a gradual manner.

Lo-Wt(TM) by Sava Herbals is a herbal weight reduction supplement enriched with Green Coffee Bean and a unique blend of Vrikshamla, Arjuna, Pippali, Sunthi, Musta and Guggul which aid weight reduction improves your lipid profile.

The cholorogenic acid in Green Coffee Bean helps in weight loss, controls blood sugar levels and also aids high blood pressure.

Hence you lose, weight but in a safe, clinically-proven, herbal and healthy manner, improving your overall health simultaneously.

Lo-Wt is your first step from overweight and obesity to a healthier lifestyle!


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