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10 Weight Loss Questions Answered

Losing weight is on everyone’s mind and it is not for a small reason. A large number of diseases including diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders, hypertension and PCOD have their roots in weight gain or are worsened by being overweight.

As we figure out the fastest ways to lose weight, or even follow extreme diet plans for weight loss, it’s natural to have a plethora of questions and doubts about it.

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So, we have answered 10 Common Weight Loss Questions so that you can have a go-to FAQ section for all your weight loss questions in one place.


1. How to use Chia seeds for weight loss?

How to use Chia seeds for weight loss

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Chia seeds are more complicated than they appear.

Chia seeds, commonly called sabja seeds in Hindi, contain almost 10 grams of fiber which is why people say they’re great for weight loss.


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They are great to satiate hunger and help you feel full but too much chia seeds can make you go above your daily calorie limit since they are high in calories and fat. They are nutritious, rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and are hence called “superfoods”.

More research is needed for the use of chia seeds in weight loss because current studies do not show any impact on weight or body composition.


In short: You may use chia seeds instead of other grains in your diet but too much of it may cause weight gain instead of weight loss.


2. Which fruits are good for weight loss?

Which fruits are good for weight loss

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Fruits like Grapefruit, berries (blueberries, strawberries), plums, cherries, oranges etc. which are storehouses of Vitamin C and A as well as low GI (Glycemic index) are great for weight loss.

You can never go wrong with melons – they are high in water content and low on calories.

High fiber, low calorie fruits like apples, passion fruit, rhubarb (revand chini), kiwifruits etc. support weight loss as well.

The science goes something like this – high fiber foods digest slower and they curb your hunger for longer periods of time. Being low calorie, you end up avoiding other high calorie foods for the rest of the day!


In short: Stick with low-calorie, high fiber, Vitamin A and C rich fruits like berries, citrus fruits and melons.


3. Which green tea is best for weight loss?

Which green tea is best for weight loss

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Green tea is a great source of antioxidants which is why it’s a great detoxifying drink during weight loss programs.

Go for loose leaf tea when buying green tea because these have the most antioxidant content (epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG) and you get complete health benefits.

Avoid green tea bags because they contain tea dust which is basically the leftovers from processing high-quality loose-leaf tea.

Also make sure your green tea is actually green. Especially after brewing, if your tea leaves are olive green in colour, this means it’s of superior quality and hasn’t undergone oxidation process.


In short: Loose leaf tea, that retains its green colour has the most antioxidants. This is the best tea for weight loss.


4. How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss?

How to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss

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It’s true that people have started using Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) as a weight loss option but again, there isn’t a lot of strong evidence for this one.

While it helped people shed weight in combination with low-calorie diets and exercise, ACV in alone cannot help you lose weight.

Diluting it in 250ml of water has helped subjects of studies lose weight but we do not know its effects on people with pre-existing health conditions.

Experts never recommend using ACV to aid in weight loss because of its acidic nature we can irritate your throat, cause acidity and harm your tooth enamel.


In short: Apple cider vinegar may help you shed weight in combination with diet and exercise but dieticians never recommend it for weight loss.


5. How much water should I drink for weight loss?

How much water should I drink for weight loss

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Water is the ultimate calorie burner.

Drinking water before meals reduces your appetite and calorie intake, so it’s an overall win-win situation for you.


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That being said, as a general guideline, 1-2 liters of water is the optimum amount for adults for weight loss. But this should be higher if you sweat a lot or exercise heavily.


In short: Drinking 1-2 liters of water (4-8 glasses) especially before meals can help with weight loss and burn calories.


6. How to prepare oats for weight loss?

How to prepare oats for weight loss

Image Credit: Pixabay


Oats is great for people with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol or are overweight.

No wonder it’s an amazing option for weight loss!

The best thing about oatmeal is you can experiment with it. Oats pancakes, oats smoothies, mixing with your protein shake are all ways to prepare oats for weight loss.

You can also add high fiber toppings to your oatmeal porridge – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples etc. Completely AVOID adding honey or maple syrup, they’ll just add to your calories. Bananas are also a safe option.

Oats as a snack can also never go wrong. When you crave a snack, mix roasted oats with flattened rice (chivda/poha), nuts and seeds to substitute your namkeen snack.


In short: Oats can be eaten as oatmeal with high fiber toppings like fruits, mixed with pancakes, smoothies or eaten as a snack for weight loss.


7. Which exercise is the best for weight loss?

Which exercise is the best for weight loss

Image Credit: Unsplash


Believe it or not, brisk walking is the best exercise for weight loss.

For beginners, this is a great way to start your weight loss journey, and also doesn’t stress your joints.

Alternatively cycling, jogging, running, swimming can be done for short spans of time 3-4 times per week to experience weight loss.


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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is another effective exercise where you workout intensively for 10-30 mins multiple times, alternating with recovery periods.


In short: Brisk walking, cycling, jogging, running, swimming and interval training are some of the simple ways you can exercise to lose weight.


8. Is yoga for weight loss effective?

Is yoga for weight loss effective

Image Credit: Unsplash


Some people don’t consider yoga as a weight loss method but amazingly, it burns calories and is an effective exercise.

Additionally, it relieves stress and improves mindfulness – so not only do you burn calories, you develop better resistance from overeating and can control your cravings better.

No wonder it’s so popular in western countries today!


In short: Yoga is an effective weight-loss strategy that not only burns calories but helps you be mindful and resist food cravings.


9. Does black coffee help with weight loss?

Does black coffee help with weight loss

Image Credit: Unsplash


Black coffee has a component called chlorogenic acid which aids in weight loss.

One cup of regular black coffee contains 2 calories, which is why decaffeinated coffee is sometimes consumed because it contains zero calories.

While studies show that drinking 4 cups of coffee daily can reduce your body fat by 4%, this does not indicate significant weight loss. It definitely helps curb hunger pangs.

The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Beans, however, helps in weight loss, controls blood sugar levels and high blood pressure.


In short: In moderation, black coffee may help you control hunger and lose some fat. However, it’s best to avoid coffee jitters by drinking too much coffee.


10. Do sugar substitutes help with weight loss?

Do sugar substitutes help with weight loss

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Low calorie natural sweeteners are a great substitute in place of refined sugar.

Stevia, erythritol, xylitol, yacon syrup and monk fruit sweetener are 5 natural sweeteners that do not add calories to your diet but help satiate your sweet tooth.

Natural sugar substitutes like honey, maple syrup, jaggery and coconut sugar are not as harmful as refined sugar but are high in calories and won’t help you lose weight.


In short: Sugar substitutes don’t help with weight loss, but they help you avoid the calories associated with refined sugar. Avoid high energy sugars substitutes like jaggery and honey since they only add to your weight.


Ayurveda for Weight Loss


Be it aesthetic reasons or health concerns, losing weight has multiple benefits. Provided that you don’t attempt quick weight loss in a short span of time, healthy weight loss helps improve overall health.

Fortunately, Ayurveda has plenty of history in aiding weight loss goals. Herbal weight loss is a notable option if you’re looking for safe and hygienically manufactured health supplements.

Lo-Wt(TM) by Sava Herbals(TM) is an herbal weight reduction supplement enriched with Green Coffee Bean and a unique blend of Vrikshamla, Arjuna, Pippali, Sunthi, Musta and Guggul which aid weight reduction improves your lipid profile.

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    1с-12-40ЭЧ, 1с-12-4ЭГ, 1С-12-4ЭД, 1С-12-4ЭК, 1С-12-4ЭМ,
    1С-12-4ЭН, 1С-12-4ЭЧ, 1С-12-5, 1С-12-5ЦЗ, 1с-12-5ЭГ,
    1С-12-5ЭД, 1С-12-5ЭК, 1С-12-5ЭМ, 1С-12-5ЭН, 1с-12-5ЭС,
    1С-12-5ЭЧ, 1с-12-65, 1с-12-65ЭД, 1с-12-65ЭМ, 1с-12-65ЭН,
    1с-12-65ЭС, 1с-12-65ЭЧ, 1С-13-1, 1с-13-1ЭС, 1С-13-25,
    1С-13-25ЭД, 1С-13-25ЭМ, 1С-13-25ЭН, 1С-13-25ЭС, 1С-13-25ЭЧ,
    1с-13-2ЭД, 1С-13-2ЭМ, 1С-13-3, 1с-13-31, 1с-13-31ЭД,
    1с-13-31ЭМ, 1с-13-31ЭН, 1с-13-31ЭС, 1с-13-31ЭЧ, 1с-13-32,
    1с-13-32ЭД, 1с-13-32ЭМ, 1с-13-32ЭН, 1с-13-32ЭС, 1с-13-32ЭЧ,
    1С-13-3ЭГ, 1С-13-3ЭД, 1С-13-3ЭК, 1С-13-3ЭМ, 1С-13-3ЭН,
    1с-13-3ЭС, 1С-13-3ЭЧ, 1с-13-40, 1с-13-40ЭД, 1с-13-40ЭМ,
    1с-13-40ЭН, 1с-13-40ЭС, 1с-13-40ЭЧ, 1с-13-5ЭД, 1с-13-5ЭМ,
    1с-13-5ЭН, 1с-13-5ЭС, 1с-13-5ЭЧ, 1с-13-65, 1с-13-65ЭД,
    1с-13-65ЭМ, 1с-13-65ЭН, 1с-13-65ЭС, 1с-13-65ЭЧ, 1С-14-1ЭЧ,
    1С-14Н-3, 1С-14Н-3ЭК, 1С-14Н-3ЭМ, 1С-14Н-3ЭН, 1С-14Н-3ЭЧ,
    1С-14Т-3, 1С-14Т-3ЭД, 1С-14Т-3ЭК, 1С-14Т-3ЭН, 1С-14Т-3ЭЧ,
    1С-15-1ЭН, 1С-15-1ЭЧ, 1С-15-2, 1с-25-1ЭД, 1с-25-1ЭМ,
    1с-25-1ЭС, 1С-25-25ЭД, 1С-25-25ЭС, 1с-25-2ЭМ, 1с-25-2ЭН,
    1с-25-2ЭС, 1с-25-2ЭЧ, 1с-25-32, 1с-25-32ЭД, 1с-25-32ЭМ,
    1с-25-32ЭН, 1с-25-32ЭС, 1с-25-32ЭЧ, 1С-25-3ЭД, 1С-25-3ЭМ,
    1С-25-3ЭН, 1С-25-3ЭС, 1С-25-3ЭЧ, 1с-25-40, 1с-25-40ЭД,
    1с-25-40ЭМ, 1с-25-40ЭН, 1с-25-40ЭЧ, 1с-25-65, 1с-25-65ЭД,
    1с-25-65ЭМ, 1с-25-65ЭН, 1с-25-65ЭС, 1с-25-65ЭЧ, 1С-7-1,
    1С-8-2, 1с-8-2ЭГ, 1С-8-2ЭД, 1С-8-2ЭК, 1С-8-2ЭМ, 1С-8-2ЭН,
    1с-8-2ЭС, 1С-8-2ЭЧ, 1С-9-2, 1с-Т-107б, 392-175/95-0Г,
    392-175/95-0Г-01, 3с-10-10-450, 3с-10-25-450, 3с-15-10-450,
    3с-15-25-450, 3с-20-25-450, 3с-25-10-450, 3с-25-25-450,
    3с-32-25-450, 3с-40-25-450, 3с-50-25-450, 3с-6-1-01,
    3с-6-1-02, 3с-6-2, 3с-6-3, 3с-6-4, 3с-6-5, 3с-65-25-450,
    3с-7-1-01, 3с-7-2, 3с-7-4, 3с-7-6, 3с-8-2, 3с-8-3, 3с-8-5,
    3с-8-6, 4с-3-1, 4с-3-2, 4с-3-3, 4с-3-4, 4с-3-5,
    530-150/150-0в, 586-20-ЭМ-01, 586-20-ЭМ-02, 586-20-ЭМ-03,
    586-20-ЭМФ-03, 586-20-ЭМФ-03, 586-20-ЭМФ-04, 586–20-ЭМФ-05,
    586–20-ЭМФ-06, 586–20-ЭМФ-07, 588-10-0, 589-10-0, 597-10-0А,
    694–250/400-0б, 720-20-0А, 720-20-0А-01, 788–400/600-0-01,
    788–400/600-0-02, 788–400/600-0-03, 7с-6-1, 7с-6-2, 7с-6-3,
    7с-8-1, 7с-8-2, 7с-8-3, 808-65-РВ, 808-65-РВ-01, 811-50-РМ,
    814-50-РА,-01, 815-40-РВ,-01(-РМ,-01), 843-40-0А-01,
    843-40-0А-02, 843-40-0А-03, 843-40-0А-04, 875–125-0,
    879-65-РА,-01-05, 8с-3-1, 8с-3-2, 8с-3-3, 8с-3-4, 8с-3-5,
    8с-3-6, 912-100-0А, 912-150-0А, 912–200-0б, 912-200-0В,
    912–250-0б, 912–250-0бМ, 912-250-0В, 912-250-ОВМ,
    912–300-0б, 912-300-0В, 912–325-0б, 912–325-0бМ,
    912–350-0б, 912–400-0, 935-100-0А, 935–100–0А-01,
    935-100-0АМ, 935-150-0А, 935-150-0АМ, 935–150-0М,
    935–175-0, 935-175-ОА, 935–225-0б, 935-225-ОВ.-ОВШ,
    935–250-0б, 935-250-ОВ,-ОВШ, 950-100/150-Э,
    950-100/150-Э-01, 950-150/250-Э, 950-150/250-Э-01,
    950-150/250-Э-02, 950-200/250-Э, 976-175-ЭБ,
    976-250-ЭБ,-01, 976-65-М, 976-65-М-01, 976-65-Э,
    977-175-Э, 992-250-ЭБ, 993-100-ЭМ,-01, 998-20-0,
    998-20-Г, 998-20-Э, 998-20-ЭГ, 998-20-ЭД, 998-20-ЭК,
    998-20-ЭМ, 998-20-ЭН, 998–20-ЭС, 998-20-ЭЧ, 999-20-06,
    999-20-0, 999-20-Г, 999-20-Э, 999-20-ЭГ, 999-20-ЭД,
    999-20-ЭК, 999-20-ЭМ, 999-20-ЭН, 999-20-ЭС, 999-20-ЭЧ,
    Т-131МС, Т-132МС, Т-31МС-1, Т-31МС-2, Т-31МС-3, Т-32МС-1,
    Т-32МС-2, Т-32МС-3, 1052–65-ЭГ, 1052–65-ЭС, 1057–65-Э,
    1057–65-ЭГ, 1057–65-ЭС, 1456–50-ЭД, 1456–50-ЭН, 1456–80-К3,
    Задвижки: 1010–200-КЗ, 1010–200-ЦЗ, 1010–200-Э,
    1010–200-ЭД, 1010–200-ЭМ, 1010–200-ЭН, 1010–200-ЭС,
    1012-150-КЗ, 1012-150-ЦЗ, 1012-150-Э, 1012–150-ЭГ,
    1012–150-ЭД, 1012–150-ЭК, 1012-150-ЭМ, 1012–150-ЭМ,
    1012–150-ЭН, 1012–150-ЭС, 1012–150-ЭЧ, 1012-175-КЗ,
    1012-175-ЦЗ, 1012-175-Э, 1012–175-ЭГ, 1012–175-ЭД,
    1012–175-ЭК, 1012-175-ЭМ, 1012-175-ЭН, 1012–175-ЭС,
    1012–175-ЭЧ, 1012-225-КЗ, 1012-225-ЦЗ, 1012-225-Э,
    1012-225-ЭГ, 1012–225-ЭД, 1012-225-ЭМ, 1012–225-ЭН,
    1012–225-ЭС, 1013-175-КЗ, 1013-175-КЗ-01, 1013-175-ЦЗ,
    1013-175-ЦЗ-01, 1013–175-Э, 1013–175-Э-01, 1013–175-ЭГ,
    1013–175-ЭД, 1013–175-ЭД-01, 1013–175-ЭК, 1013–175-ЭК-01,
    1013-175-ЭМ,-01, 1013-175-ЭН, 1013-175-ЭН-01, 1013–175-ЭС,
    1013–175-ЭС-01, 1013–175-ЭЧ, 1013–175-ЭЧ-01, 1013-200-КЗ,
    1013-200-ЦЗ, 1013–200-ЭД, 1013–200-ЭК, 1013-200-ЭМ,
    1013–200-ЭМ, 1013-200-ЭН, 1013–200-ЭН, 1013–200-ЭС,
    1013–200-ЭЧ, 1015-150-КЗ, 1015-150-ЦЗ, 1015–150-Э,
    1015–150-ЭГ, 1015–150-ЭД, 1015-150-ЭК, 1015-150-ЭМ,
    1015–150-ЭН, 1015–150-ЭС, 1015–150-ЭЧ, 1016-250-КЗ,
    1016-250-М, 1016-250-ЦЗ, 1016–250-ЭГ, 1016–250-ЭД,
    1016–250-ЭК, 1016-250-ЭМ, 1016–250-ЭМ, 1016–250-ЭН,
    1016–250-ЭС, 1016–250-ЭЧ, 1017–250-КЗ, 1017-250-ЦЗ,
    1017–250-ЭГ, 1017–250-ЭД, 1017-250-ЭК, 1017-250-ЭМ,
    1017–250-ЭН, 1017–250-ЭС, 1017–250-ЭЧ, 1120-100-КЗ,-01,
    1120-100-М, 1120-100-М-01, 1120-100-ЦЗ, 1120-100-ЦЗ-01,
    1120-100-Э, 1120–100-Э-01, 1120–100-ЭГ, 1120–100-ЭГ-01,
    1120–100-ЭД, 1120–100-ЭД-01, 1120-100-ЭК, 1120–100-ЭК,
    1120-100-ЭК-01, 1120-100-ЭМ, 1120-100-ЭМ-01, 1120-100-ЭН-01,
    1120–100-ЭС, 1120–100-ЭС-01, 1120–100-ЭЧ, 1120–100-ЭЧ-01,
    1123-100-КЗ, 1123-100-КЗ-01, 1123-100-М, 1123-100-М-01,
    1123-100-Ц3-01, 1123-100-ЦЗ, 1123–100-ЦЗ-01, 1123–100-Э,
    1123–100-Э-01, 1123–100-ЭГ, 1123–100-ЭГ-01, 1123–100-ЭД,
    1123–100-ЭД-01, 1123–100-ЭК, 1123–100-ЭК-01, 1123-100-ЭМ,
    1123-100-ЭН, 1123-100-ЭН-01, 1123–100-ЭС, 1123–100-ЭС-01,
    1123–100-ЭЧ, 1123–100-ЭЧ-01, 1126-150-КЗ, 1126–150-КЗБ,
    1126-150-М, 1126–150-МБ, 1126-150-ЦЗ, 1126–150-Э,
    1126–150-ЭГ, 1126–150-ЭД, 1126–150-ЭК, 1126-150-ЭМ,
    1126–150-ЭМ, 1126–150-ЭН, 1156–125-КЗ, 1156-125-КЗА,
    1156–125-М, 1156-125-ЦЗА, 1156–125-Э, 1156–125-ЭГ,
    1156–125-ЭД, 1156-125-ЭК, 1156–125-ЭМ, 1156–125-ЭН,
    1156–125-ЭС, 1156–125-ЭЧ, 1156–150-КЗ, 1156–150-М,
    1156–150-ЦЗ, 1156-150-ЦЗА, 1156–150-Э, 1156–150-ЭГ,
    1156–150-ЭД, 1156–150-ЭК, 1156-150-ЭМ, 1156-150-ЭН,
    1156–150-ЭС, 1156–150-ЭЧ, 1511-100-КЗА,-КЗБ, 1511-100-МА,
    1511-100-ЦЗА-ЦЗБ, 1511–100-ЭГ, 1511–100-ЭД, 1511–100-ЭМ,
    1511-100-ЭМА,-ЭМБ, 1511–100-ЭС, 1511–100-ЭЧ, 1511-150-КЗА,
    1511-150-МА,-МБ, 1511-150-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–150-ЭГ,
    1511–150-ЭД, 1511-150-ЭМА,-ЭМБ, 1511–150-ЭН, 1511–150-ЭС,
    1511–150-ЭЧ, 1511-200-КЗА,-КЗБ, 1511-200-МА,-МБ,
    1511-200-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–200-ЭГ, 1511–200-ЭД, 1511-200-ЭМА,
    1511-200-ЭНБ, 1511–200-ЭС, 1511–200-ЭЧ, 1511–250-КЗ,
    1511-250-ЦЗА-ЦЗБ, 1511–250-ЭГ, 1511–250-ЭД, 1511-250-ЭМБ,
    1511–250-ЭН, 1511–250-ЭС, 1511–250-ЭЧ, 1511-300-КЗА,-КЗБ,
    1511-300-ЦЗА,-ЦЗБ, 1511–300-ЭГ, 1511–300-ЭД, 1511–300-ЭМ,
    1511-300-ЭНА,-ЭНБ, 1511–300-ЭС, 1511–300-ЭЧ, 1511–80-КЗ,
    1511-80-МА-МБ, 1511–80-ЦЗ, 1511–80-ЭГ, 1511–80-ЭД,
    1511–80-ЭК, 1511-80-ЭМБ, 1511–80-ЭН, 1511–80-ЭС,
    1511–80-ЭЧ, 1533–350-КЗ, 1533–350-ЦЗ, 1533–350-ЭД,
    1533–350-ЭМ, 1533–350-ЭН, 1533–350-ЭС, 1533–350-ЭЧ,
    2с-25–1Н, 2с-25-2, 2с-25-6ЭГ, 2с-25-6ЭД, 2с-25-6ЭК,
    2с-25-6ЭМ, 2с-25-6ЭН, 2с-26-1, 2с-26–2Н, 2с-26–3Н,
    2с-26–4 Н, 2с-26–5 Н, 2с-26-6, 2с-27-1, 2с-27-1ЭГ,
    2с-27-1ЭД, 2с-27-1ЭК, 2с-27-1ЭМ, 2с-27-1ЭН, 2с-27-1ЭС,
    2с-27-1ЭЧ, 2с-27–2Н, 2с-27-2Э, 2с-27-2ЭГ, 2с-27-2ЭД,
    2с-27-2ЭК, 2с-27-2ЭМ, 2с-27-2ЭН, 2с-27-2ЭС, 2с-27-2ЭЧ,
    2с-27-3Э, 2с-27-3ЭГ, 2с-27-3ЭД, 2с-27-3ЭК, 2с-27-3ЭМ,
    2с-27-3ЭН, 2с-27-3ЭС, 2с-27-3ЭЧ, 2с-27–4 Н, 2с-27-4Э,
    2с-27-4ЭГ, 2с-27-4ЭД, 2с-27-4ЭК, 2с-27-4ЭМ, 2с-27-4ЭН,
    2с-27-4ЭС, 2с-27-4ЭЧ, 2с-27–5 Н, 2с-27-6, 2с-28-1,
    2с-28–2Н, 2с-28–4Н, 2с-28–5 Н, 2с-28-6, 2с-29-1, 2с-29–3Н,
    2с-29–4Н, 2с-29–5 Н, 2с-29-6, 2с-30-1, 2с-30-1ЭГ,
    2с-30-1-ЭД, 2с-30-1-ЭК, 2с-30-1-ЭМ, 2с-30-1-ЭН, 2с-30-1ЭЧ,
    2с-30-1-ЭЧ, 2с-30-2, 2с-30-2ЭГ, 2с-30-2ЭД, 2с-30-2ЭК,
    2с-30-2ЭМ, 2с-30-2ЭН, 2с-30-2ЭЧ, 2с-31-1, 2с-31-1Э,
    2с-31-1ЭД, 2с-31-1ЭМ, 2с-31-1ЭН, 2с-31-1ЭС, 2с-31-2,
    2с-31-2Э, 2с-31-2ЭМ, 2с-31-2ЭН, 2с-31-2ЭС, 2с-33-1ЭГ,
    2с-33-1ЭД, 2с-33-1ЭК, 2с-33-1ЭМ, 2с-33-1ЭН, 2с-33-1ЭЧ,
    2с-33-2ЭД, 2с-33-2ЭК, 2с-33-2ЭМ, 2с-33-2ЭН, 2с-33-2ЭЧ,
    2с-34-1Э, 2с-34-1ЭД, 2с-34-1ЭМ, 2с-34-1ЭН, 2с-34-1ЭС,
    2с-34-1ЭЧ, 2с-34-2Э, 2с-34-2ЭС, 2с-350-10-450-КЗ,
    2с-350-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-350-10-450-ЭД, 2с-350-10-450-ЭМ,
    2с-350-10-450-ЭН, 2с-350-10-450-ЭС, 2с-35-2,
    2с-400-10-450-КЗ, 2с-400-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-400-10-450-ЭД,
    2с-400-10-450-ЭМ, 2с-400-10-450-ЭН, 2с-400-10-450-ЭС,
    2с-450-10-450-КЗ, 2с-450-10-450-ЦЗ, 2с-450-10-450-ЭД,
    2с-450-10-450-ЭМ, 2с-450-10-450-ЭН, 2с-450-10-450-ЭС,
    2с-Э-1, 2С-Э-2, 2с-Э-4, 2с-Э-5, 2с-ЭГ-1, 2с-ЭГ-2, 2с-ЭГ-3,
    2с-ЭГ-4, 2с-ЭГ-5 Н, 2с-ЭГ-5, 2с-ЭГ-6, 2с-ЭД-1, 2с-ЭД-2,
    2с-ЭД-3, 2с-ЭД-4, 2с-ЭД-5 Н, 2с-ЭД-5, 2с-ЭД-6, 2с-ЭК-1,
    2с-ЭК-2, 2с-ЭК-3, 2с-ЭК-4, 2с-ЭК-5 Н, 2с-ЭК-5, 2с-ЭК-6,
    2с-ЭМ-1, 2с-ЭМ-2, 2с-ЭМ-3, 2с-ЭМ-4, 2с-ЭМ-5 Н, 2с-ЭМ-5,
    2с-ЭМ-6, 2с-ЭН-1, 2с-ЭН-2, 2с-ЭН-3, 2с-ЭН-4, 2с-ЭН-5 Н,
    2с-ЭН-5, 2с-ЭН-6, 2с-ЭС-1, 2с-ЭС-2, 2с-ЭС-3, 2с-ЭС-4,
    2с-ЭС-5, 2с-ЭЧ-1, 2с-ЭЧ-2, 2с-ЭЧ-3, 2с-ЭЧ-4, 2с-ЭЧ-5,
    511–100-ЭН, 850–350-КЗ, 850–350-ЦЗ, 850–350-Э, 850–350-ЭГ,
    850–350-ЭД, 850–350-ЭК, 850–350-ЭМ, 850–350-ЭН, 850–350-ЭС,
    850–350-ЭЧ, 850–400-КЗ, 850–400-ЦЗ, 850–400-Э, 850–400-ЭГ,
    850–400-ЭД, 850–400-ЭК, 850–400-ЭМ, 850–400-ЭН, 850–400-ЭС,
    850–450-КЗ, 850–450-ЦЗ, 850–450-Э, 850–450-ЭГ, 850–450-ЭД,
    850–450-ЭК, 850–450-ЭМ, 850–450-ЭН, 850–450-ЭС, 850–450-ЭЧ,
    880–150-КЗ, 880–150-ЦЗ, 880-150-ЦЗП, 880–150-Э, 880–150-ЭГ,
    880–150-ЭД, 880–150-ЭК, 880–150-ЭМ, 880-150-ЭМП, 880–150-ЭН,
    880-150-ЭНП, 880–150-ЭС, 880–150-ЭЧ, 880–200-КЗ,
    880-200-КЗП, 880–200-ЦЗ, 880-200-ЦЗП, 880–200-Э, 880–200-ЭГ,
    880–200-ЭД, 880–200-ЭМ, 880–200-ЭН, 880-200-ЭНП, 880–200-ЭС,
    880-250-КЗП, 880-250-ЦЗП, 880–250-ЭГ, 880–250-ЭД,
    880-250-ЭМП, 880-250-ЭП, 880–250-ЭС, 880–300-КЗ, 880–300-ЦЗ,
    880-300-ЭА, 880–300-ЭГ, 880–300-ЭД, 880–300-ЭС, 880–325-ЭД,
    880–325-ЭЛХМ, 880–325-ЭМ, 880–325-ЭТ, 880–350-ЭД,
    880–350-ЭЛ, 880–350-ЭМ, 880–350-ЭТ, 880–400-ЭА, 880–400-ЭД,
    880–400-ЭМ, 880–400-ЭТ, 881–100-КЗ, 881-100-КЗП, 881–100-ЦЗ,
    881–100-Э, 881–100-ЭГ, 881–100-ЭД, 881–100-ЭК, 881–100-ЭМ,
    881–100-ЭН, 881-100-ЭНП, 881–100-ЭС, 881–100-ЭЧ, 881–150-КЗ,
    881-150-КЗП, 881–150-ЦЗ, 881-150-ЦЗП, 881–150-Э, 881–150-ЭГ,
    881–150-ЭД, 881–150-ЭМ, 881-150-ЭМП, 881–150-ЭН,
    881-150-ЭНП, 881–150-ЭС, 881–200-КЗ, 881-200-ЦЗП,
    881–200-ЭГ, 881–200-ЭД, 881-200-ЭМП, 881-200-ЭП, 881–200-ЭС,
    881–250-Э, 881–250-ЭД, 881–250-ЭМ, 881–250-ЭТ, 882-250-КЗП,
    882-250-ЦЗП,-ЦЗШ, 882–250-ЭГ, 882–250-ЭД, 882-250-ЭМП,
    882–250-ЭН, 882-250-ЭНП,-ЭНШ, 882–250-ЭС, 882–300-КЗ,
    882-300-КЗП, 882–300-ЦЗ, 882–300-ЭГ, 882–300-ЭД, 882–300-ЭМ,
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