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5 Powerful Herbs in Ayurveda With Health Benefits

Ayurveda is one of the oldest systems of medicine that focuses on a way of life rather than treating illnesses. This ‘science of life’ pays attention to diet, yoga and lifestyle changes along with certain herbs that are known to improve your bodily functions.

Let’s take a look at 5 ayurvedic herbs that have important health benefits. Don’t forget that these are backed by scientific research!


1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)


This herb tops every list of ayurvedic herbs for a good reason. Ashwagandha roots and berries are effective in regulating a number of health concerns like:

  • Sleep disorders: Ashwagandha is essentially an adaptogen which manages stress levels in our body. This helps control stress and anxiety which contribute to majority of sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia etc.
  • Weak immunity: Inflammation is a major cause of most of our immune responses, resulting in most illnesses. Ashwagandha is shown to reduce inflammation and boost our immune system, leading to reduced muscle pain and allergic reactions.
  • Infertility: Ashwagandha is effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) due to its calming functions. It may also enhance muscle growth and male fertility.


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Precautions: Ashwagandha has almost no proven side-effects. Large doses may cause stomach problems or diarrhoea, but supplements often use the right quantity to prevent this.


2. Tulsi (Holy Basil)


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Tulsi is known as the queen of medicinal plants. Along with anti-cancer and anti-stress properties the plant also has huge significance in the Hindu religion. This can probably be traced to the numerous benefits the plant gives:

  • Reduces Fever: The sap of tulsi leaves combined with black pepper powder is a great remedy for fever. Drinking water boiled with Tulsi leaves is also an effective home remedy.
  • Boosts immunity: The leaves of this plant is rich in antioxidants and has anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties which keeps infections and fever at bay.
  • Hypoglycaemic: Tulsi leaf is extremely bitter to taste because it has hypoglycaemic properties. This is a great ayurvedic herb for type 2 diabetes. Swallowing them is the best option to avoid teeth discolouration and damage.
  • Weight Loss: Tulsi leaves can boost your metabolism when consumed on an empty stomach.


Precautions: Tulsi should be avoided during pregnancy as it can cause uterine contractions leading to miscarriage. Men with fertility problems can also avoid consuming lots of Tulsi as it affects sperm count, as suggested by a study in animals.


3. Brahmi (Bacopa monieri)


This plant is popularly known for its positive impacts on the brain. However, like most other Ayurvedic herbs its goodness is not limited to just one quality.

  • Brain function: Brahmi improves brain function and is also proven to reduce symptoms of ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The herb helps improve attention span, self-control, concentration and controls restlessness.
  • Adaptogenic: Similar to Ashwagandha, Brahmi also has calming properties helping you deal with stress and anxiety.
  • Alzheimer disease: Due to its function in increasing chemicals associated with thinking and memory, it protects brain cells from the chemicals that cause Alzheimer disease.


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Precautions: It’s best to avoid Brahmi if you have Gastrointestinal blockage. Breastfeeding and pregnant women are also advised not to use Brahmi, though enough studies have not been conducted.


4. Fenugreek Seeds (Methi seeds)


This traditional Indian spice does more than add flavour to your meals. Over the past few years, the nutritional benefits of fenugreek are increasingly being studied by Western medicine.

  • Reduces Cholesterol: It improves the blood constitution by removing bad cholesterol and detoxifying blood, in general.
  • Constipation: Fenugreek is surprisingly high in fiber and aids digestion. A digestive brew of Fenugreek tea can help ease digestion and helps build appetite. Eating the seeds also helps with healthy bowel movements.
  • Body pains: The seeds help treat vata-related disorders of the body like muscle cramps, knee and joint pain.


Precautions: Fenugreek is heat-generating, so it should be avoided during hot weather. It is also preferable to avoid during nasal bleeding or heavy flow during menstruation.


5. Licorice Roots (Glycyrrhiza glabra)


Licorice roots are native to Europe and Asia but has been in use for Ayurvedic remedies since thousands of years. They have a variety of positive effects on human health including:

  • Anti-inflammatory: By fighting virus and bacteria, Licorice roots help reduce inflammatory reactions in the body.
  • Digestion: The roots are known to ease heartburns and also prevent bloating, nausea and stomach ulcers, thereby managing symptoms of indigestion.
  • Boosts immunity: In combination with other herbs like Guduchi and Tulsi, Licorice roots helps the body fight against common cold and cough.


Precautions: Licorice roots are generally safe as supplement ingredient since they are used in optimum quantities. Avoid overuse to remain on the safer side.


Include the Goodness of Ayurveda in Your Life

Include the Goodness of Ayurveda in Your Life

Image Credit: Unsplash


Most times, the beneficial compounds in ayurvedic herbs that are proven to effective are needed in amounts greater than what is available in natural form. This is true for herbs like turmeric, tulsi, Brahmi and even Ashwagandha.

Overuse may also lead to unwanted side-effects you could very easily avoid. This is why using herbal supplements enriched by the goodness of these very herbs is an efficient and effective option.


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Sava Herbals(TM) has a range of products aimed at improving overall health with specific address to health concerns:

  • Actisheeld helps improve your immune response by boosting your immunity system.
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  • Livstar helps improve liver health by keeping fatty liver disease at bay.
  • Lo-Wt promotes weight reduction and improves your lipid profile.
  • Maxper improves sperm count in men suffering from infertility issues.
  • Mussk helps patients with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction and improves sexual satisfaction.


All these products are enriched with the goodness of major ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial for the specific health concern.

It’s your turn to welcome a pinch of Ayurvedic goodness into your life. Order now.

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