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10 Weight Loss Questions Answered: Part 2

We tried to answer 10 of the most asked weight loss questions, but guess what? We have more and we have them answered for you!

It’s no doubt weight loss is something that plaques a lot of our minds so let’s jump right into it.


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1. Which vegetables are good for weight loss?

Which vegetables are good for weight loss

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You can never go wrong with veggies when it comes to weight loss. Dietitians always advice to fill half your plate with vegetables. But when you eat smart, you better include the best vegetables to lose weight.

As usual, fibers are the superheroes, which is why you need lots of leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, lettuce and broccoli. They add that crunch to your diet which is highly satiating.

Other high-fiber veggies like zucchini, green peas, carrots and cauliflower are highly nutritious while helping you with weight loss.


Fun fact: Bell peppers/Capsicum are low in calories and contains more Vitamin C than an orange. So add as much capsicum to your meals as you can!


2. What foods to avoid for weight loss?

What foods to avoid for weight loss

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If weight loss blogs have taught us anything, it’s to avoid all sugary, processed, fatty junk food.

And yes, this includes almost all of our comfort foods including burgers, French fries, ice cream, baked foods, fried chips, pasta, and even sweet yoghurt.

It’s also best to avoid white rice, white bread and any other maida-related foods.

Canned fruit juices are also bad for weight loss because they contain extra added sugars.


Fun fact: despite energy and granola bars being marketed as a complete meal that can help meet your nutrient requirement, they contain lots of sugar. It’s great when you’re working out, but not for losing weight.


3. Why does weight not reduce despite working out and eating healthily?

Why does weight not reduce despite working out and eating healthily

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It’s quite common to hit a weight loss plateau – the graph refuses to move down. In this case have a better look at your diet.

Your food may be calorie rich, despite being healthy. Adding more fibers to your food with whole foods may be your solution.


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For some, heavy cardio and some strength training helps solve a weight loss block.

Above all, be patient. For some body types, weight loss happens more gradually, so the scale may not start moving until a few weeks into your weight loss regime.


Fun fact: Lack of sleep hinders weight loss. Having a healthy diet and exercising regularly cannot have a positive impact on your body if you don’t take enough rest.


4. How to control hunger and cravings?

How to control hunger and cravings

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Say yes to all the fiber and protein you can get. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, seafood, nuts, low-fat dairy products are good sources of fibre and protein.

They help your stomach feel full and satisfied without weight gain, keeping those cravings away!

Practicing yoga on a daily basis can also improve your mindfulness factor and help resist binge eating when you have cravings.


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Fun fact: Frequent hunger pangs and cravings can also be a sign of thirst. Drink plenty of water, and if you still crave something have a really small portion of it and satiate the craving.


5. Which snack is good for weight loss?

Which snack is good for weight loss

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Nutritious snacking is the best for satisfying cravings. Munching on namkeens regularly is a very Indian habit which many of us can’t seem to get rid of.

Here’s the thing – your body just needs something crunchy and crispy; it need not be a packet of chips.


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Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots or a salad. Replacing high calorie snacks with low calorie ones like popcorn, dark chocolate, dates and whole-grain crackers.


Fun fact: Greek Yogurt with fruits makes a protein-rich, nutritious snack. Replace your flavoured, sweetened yogurt with this.


6. Do sabja (Basil) seeds help with weight loss?

Do sabja (Basil) seeds help with weight loss

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Sabja seeds are very similar to chia seeds except that sabja seeds have a little more fiber than chia seeds which is what you aim for in weight loss.

Sabja seeds swell faster. Soaking 1 tablespoon of sabja seeds in a glass of water for 15 minutes swells them just the right amount. Adding it to lemon water, buttermilk or fresh juice is a refreshing way to have them.

Sabja seeds have a slightly higher amount of carbohydrate than chia seeds so its best not to overdo this.


Fun fact: You can consume sabja seeds daily but you should take care not eat excessively because it can cause bloating or even reverse the effect of weight loss.


7. What is detox water for weight loss?

What is detox water for weight loss

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There’s been a lot of hype around detox water. It’s basically water mixed with a lot of other ingredients like cucumber, lemon, mint, orange, ginger etc. that do not add to our calories.

But does it help with weight loss?

Water is highly metabolic, so it’s the water in detox water that actually helps you lose weight. You could drink just about regular water and lose the same amount weight.

Though detox water is infused with the goodness of herbs and fruits, it cannot give the fiber you get from eating them as a whole. Hence you cannot lose weight just by drinking detox water.


Fun fact: Despite its name, detox water does not really “detoxify” your body. fiber rich fruits and vegetables help remove waste easier from your body which detox water technically cannot.


8. How much should an adult run for weight loss?

How much should an adult run for weight loss

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Running is an intensive calorie consuming activity which is why it’s the most straightforward way to lose weight.

An adult can start at a 20-minute run – don’t forget to run at a higher pace than normal. Interchange this high intensity pace with low intensity ones. Slowly increase the time period.


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Less than 3 hours of this cardio every week can help you maintain your weight. So, if you aim for at least 30 mins per day, you could see significant weight loss.


Fun fact: High intensity running for 30 minutes burns the same number of calories as when you do vigorous swimming or martial arts.


9. Do dry fruits help with weight loss?

Do dry fruits help with weight loss

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Dried fruits are more calorie dense than fresh fruits. Since they contain less water and have more concentrated fructose, they can be a weight gain risk.

But they are a rich source of fiber and nutrients which makes it a healthier snack than your biscuits and candies.

If you’re trying to lose weight, have dried fruits in moderation. They don’t help with weight loss but can prevent a nutrient deficiency.


Fun fact: Candied dry fruits are a big NO. They are further sweetened and are unhealthier than an éclairs candy.


10. Does drinking alcohol aid weight loss?

Does drinking alcohol aid weight loss

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Not at all.

Alcohol actually contains empty calories with zero nutrient content. In addition, most mixers used in drinks are calorie-rich as well.

It interferes with our fat-burning mechanism, making it even more difficult to lose weight.

Moderate drinking is still considered okay, however going alcohol-free is always the best if you’re trying to lose weight.


Fun fact: Drinking alcohol might make you want to snack on the side, or even eat more, interfering with your weight-loss goals.


Reach your Weight Loss Goals with a Pinch of Ayurveda


Losing weight can be a pain especially if your body has a slow metabolism rate or you simply have a lifestyle that’s not weight-loss friendly.

Either way, ayurvedic medicine has plenty of weight-loss remedies and treatments for weight loss which are safe to your body and have minimal side-effects.


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