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Male Infertility: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

Male Infertility Symptoms Causes and Treatment Options Header Image low sperm count Sava Herbals

Male infertility is a global problem that affects millions of couples around the world. In India, where family and children hold significant cultural importance, the issue of infertility can be particularly challenging for couples, especially for men.

According to WHO, around 23 per cent of the entire Indian population struggles with male infertility. This is around 32.5 crore people, just in India! Surely, male infertility is not an isolated problem, and new solutions to the problem are constantly under development.

In this article, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatments for male infertility, and also highlight the social stigma that couples in India may face.


Male Infertility in India

Male Infertility in India Sava Herbals

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Infertility in men is a growing problem all over the world, but particularly in India. The causes of male infertility in India are varied, but some of the major causes include high levels of stress, poor nutrition, exposure to environmental toxins, and inadequate healthcare facilities in some regions.


“According to World Health Organization estimate the overall prevalence of primary infertility in India is between 3.9 to 16.8%. In Indian states prevalence of infertility varies from state to state such as 3.7 per cent in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Maharashtra, to 5 per cent in Andhra Pradesh, and 15 per cent in Kashmir and prevalence.”

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“Clinicians in India are witnessing a large number of men coming to them with complaints of infertility due to a sperm count that at times falls down to extremely low (oligospermia) or even zero (azoospermia), said Dr Aditi Dani, fertility consultant at Mumbai’s Masina Hospital.”

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Social Stigma of Male Infertility in India

Social Stigma of Male Infertility in India Sava Herbals

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Infertility is often viewed as a woman’s problem in India, and while women are blamed for their inability to bear a child, the masculinity of men are called to question when they can’t father a child.

This can lead to feelings of embarrassment, shame, and social isolation for couples struggling with infertility. In many cases, families and society may pressure couples to have children and view infertility as a personal failure. This social stigma can prevent men from seeking treatment and can exacerbate the emotional toll of infertility.


Symptoms of Male Infertility

Symptoms of Male Infertility Sava Herbals

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The symptoms of male infertility are often subtle and may not be noticeable until a couple has difficulty conceiving a child. Some of the signs that may indicate a problem with fertility in men include:

  • Low sperm count: If a man has a low sperm count, it can make it difficult for him to father a child. A low sperm count is defined as having fewer than 15 million sperm per milliliter of semen.
  • Abnormal sperm shape or movement: If a man’s sperm have an abnormal shape or cannot swim properly, it can make it difficult for them to fertilize an egg.
  • Difficulty ejaculating: If a man has difficulty ejaculating, it can make it difficult for him to father a child.
  • Erectile dysfunction: If a man has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, it can make it difficult for him to father a child.
  • Pain or swelling in the testicles: This can be a sign of an infection or other medical condition that may affect fertility.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a doctor to determine the underlying cause of your infertility.


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Causes of Male Infertility

Causes of Male Infertility Sava Herbals


The reasons for oligospermia and male infertility vary from person to person. This can be caused by a number of factors individually or even as a combination:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Infections
  • Genetic disorders
  • Testicular trauma
  • Certain medications
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug use.


In some cases, the cause of male infertility may not be identifiable. Hence, it’s always ideal to talk to a healthcare provider when you haven’t been able to conceive within 12 months of frequent unprotected sexual encounters.


Male Infertility Treatment in India

Male Infertility Treatment in India Sava Herbals

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Despite the social stigma surrounding infertility in India, there are many treatments available to help improve male fertility.


In addition to traditional medical treatments and ayurvedic remedies, couples may also benefit from counseling and support groups that can help them navigate the emotional challenges of infertility.


Traditional Treatments for Male Infertility


Traditional treatments for male infertility may include:


Male Infertility Treatment in Ayurveda

Male Infertility Treatment in Ayurveda Sava Herbals

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Ayurvedic medicine offers a natural approach to treating male infertility. Sava Herbals(TM) brings you Maxper(TM) a complete ayurvedic proprietary medicine for enhancing sperm count. This is an effective remedy for males with sperm count problems that does not compromise on safety and quality of ingredients used.


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Maxper is a herbal medicine that can enhance male sexual health. It contains Amla, Ashwagandha, Gokshura, Shatavari and Musli which can enhance sperm count and motility. Maxper’s unique blend of herbal ingredients is effective and safe. It also provides antioxidant support to help protect the male reproductive system from damage.


Maxper Low Sperm Count Medicine Sava Herbals



  • Amla: This small fruit, unique to the tropical regions, rejuvenates male reproductive system, increases sperm count and motility, uplifts stamina and mood. It also possesses strong antioxidant activity.
  • Ashwagandha: The roots of this herb build muscle strength, increases resistance towards stress, relieves psychological elements involved in erectile dysfunction, increases testosterone levels, boosts sperm quality and fertility.
  • Musli: This improves fertility and vitality, calms nerve cells, prevents nervous disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress. Musli for male fertility is beneficial for addressing issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and infertility
  • Gokshura: This is a potent aphrodisiac which helps in correcting disturbed hormonal profiles, arouses sexual desire, enhances penile tissues and manages erectile dysfunction.
  • Shatavari: This herb prevents aging, increases longevity, imparts immunity, improves mental function, vigor, and vitality, improves sperm count, maintains healthy energy levels and strengthens the body.


Features of Maxper:

  • Triple benefit with Amla, Ashwagandha & Musli: These are known since time immemorial for their beneficial effect in improving male reproductive health and increasing sperm production.
  • Non-addictive: Maxper is non-habit forming and can be taken with the advice of a health professional.
  • Formulated with Premium Quality ingredients: SAVA Herbals does not compromise on the quality of its raw materials. These ayurvedic formulations are made of only the best hand-picked herbs.
  • Clinically tested: Maxper has been tested under laboratory conditions for data and results-focused quantitative results.
  • Hygienically manufactured: With state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to maintain hygiene in manufacture, the SAVA herbals production center manufactures all its products in sanitized and sterile conditions.


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Conclusion Sava Herbals

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Male infertility can be a difficult and frustrating issue to deal with, but there are many treatments available to help improve fertility. Whether you choose traditional medical treatments or opt for an ayurvedic approach, it is important to work with a healthcare provider to determine the best course of action for your individual situation.

Simultaneously, by taking steps to improve your reproductive health, you can increase your chances of successfully conceiving a child.

It’s to time shed the shame and stigma associated with male infertility and approach effective and safe solutions with Maxper.

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