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Herbal Ingredients: A New Dimension In The Era of Modern Medicine

At present, the concept of health awareness in urban and rural areas is increasingly gaining momentum. In context to the health effects of modern medicine, people have been using traditional medicine alone or in combination with other products to achieve this state of health.

For centuries, cultures around the world have relied on traditional medicine to meet their health needs. Despite modern medical and technological advances, the global demand for herbal remedies is growing every day.


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There is no doubt that modern medicine has a history of giving fast results as compared to ayurvedic treatment. Modern medicines concentrate on treating symptoms only without knowing the origin of the diseases. It doesn’t focus on the overall health of the patient. For instance, doctors suggest having antibiotics to treat any infection.

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There is no attention paid to handle the imbalance in the human body caused by such potent drugs. On the other hand, an Ayurvedic doctor checks the overall body of the patient. Then, he examines the balance of doshas and gunas to give a complete cure and restore balance in the patient body. The practice of herbal medicine is the oldest form of healthcare which has been used for decades in developing and developed countries. Herbal medicine has its origins in ancient cultures.


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It involves the medicinal use of plants to treat disease and enhance general health and wellbeing. Some herbs have powerful ingredients and should be taken with the same level of caution as pharmaceutical medications. Although there are many uses of herbal medicines, the primary use of it lies in maintaining or improving human health. The advantages of this type of medicine include good availability, local cultural aspects, individual preferences, the increasing demand for natural and organic products, and the already validated cooperative effects of herbal medicines.

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The National Institutes of Health provides a good guide that shows how specific herbs and supplements may be used. For example, Chamomile is taken to improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety, and reduces aging and helps in fighting other skin problems, cinnamon is taken to treat gastrointestinal problems, loss of appetite, and diabetes, etc. Similarly, there are many herbal products and supplements that promise to treat a range of symptoms. Herbal products hold important percentages in the pharmaceutical market.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that up to 80 percent of people worldwide use herbal remedies, which themselves talk about the role of these natural ingredients. Out of the 177 drugs used to treat cancer, more than 70 percent are based on drug products or their chemical reactions.

Herbal products are rich with magical properties that improve well-being without causing any harmful effect. Here are some health problems a person can fight with natural remedies like spicy herbs treats respiratory problems, cold and improve blood circulation, sweet herbs gives relieve to pain and improves functioning of spleen and boost immunity, bitter herbs treat asthma, constipation and aid the cardiovascular system, sour herbs cures liver disorders and better the digestive process and salty herbs are good for health of kidneys and bland herbs have effective healing properties and so on.


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Herbal products are the oldest form of healthcare known to mankind. It is an important source for pharmaceutical manufacturing which includes medicines, cosmetics, and spices. They have various advantages and disadvantages, but one should use those herbal products which are suitable and might be helpful to solve their problems.


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With so many claimed health benefits, herbs may be a worthwhile natural remedy to adapt to your routine. With the growing recognition and awareness of the value of herbs it is certainly time to explore the therapeutic use of these plants. Plant medicine does not just improve symptoms; it approaches the healing of the whole body as opposed to western medicine, which may just approach the symptom. There are profound changes in traditional medicine or herbal medicine that play a growing role in the human experience of this change.

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