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Keep Your Heart Young, Healthy & Happy – Naturally

The incidence of death due to heart diseases has increased significantly in the last 25 years in India. What is more worrying is the fact that young people are affected by it. Youngsters should be aware about various risk factors that may risk their chances of getting heart diseases later in their lives. Heart health has assumed huge significance in COVID era as there is a rising trend of sudden heart attacks and even people aged between 40-50 years are affected by it.


As early as childhood and adolescence, plaque can start accumulating in the arteries and later lead to clogged arteries. Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus Type-2 are several factors which can cause heart diseases even in young and middle-aged people.


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Heart is one of the most important organs that delivers oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Any sign of a heart trouble should be taken seriously as it is linked to your longevity and survival. It is important to eat right, exercise, stay away from smoking and alcohol and avoid junk food to avoid getting heart diseases.



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It is crucial to maintain a healthy heart since it is one of the most important organs of the body without which we cannot survive. Here are things that you should do:

  • Taking antioxidants daily
  • Consuming a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables
  • Avoid heavy to digest foods
  • Keeping sugars under check
  • If there is family history of heart disease, choose a healthy lifestyle
  • Keep cholesterol under check


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Here are some herbs that can keep your heart young & healthy.

  • Cinnamon, to lower unhealthy cholesterol levels and blood pressure
  • Garlic, reduces the risk of heart attack or stroke and brings down bad cholesterol levels
  • Lal Mirch, helps keep blood flowing well around your body
  • Turmeric, helps to protect arteries from fat build up
  • Ginger, prevents plaque formation in the arteries
  • Coriander, protect heart by lowering blood pressure and LDL (bad) cholesterol

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