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Mohit’s Weight Loss Journey: A Better Relation With the Weighing Scale

Having a decent build and height may be a boon, but it can be a bane if you don’t keep an eye on your weight.

Mohit is a regular guy but with his height and build, he did not appear to be overweight for a very long time. The problem with not realising your weight issues at an early stage is that a lot of health issues go undetected. This can cause irreparable damage to your body.


“Because of my height and build, I do not appear to be overweight. My weighing scale, on the other hand, indicated that it was almost over” – Mohit


We live in a scary reality where obesity and overweight kill more than being malnourished. Having recently read an article from WHO, Mohit knows that obesity rates have tripled between 1975 and 2016. He is aware of the numerous health risks due to being overweight.


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Health Risks of Being Overweight

Weight Loss Journey

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Being overweight made Mohit lethargic and tired all the time. As an interior designer, he wants to stay at the top of his form and feel energetic.

Fat-shaming is another issue that can affects people mentally. Mohit, too believes that a person is “almost over” once they’re overweight.


In addition, he knows that obesity can cause a lot of silent killers like the following to occupy your body:

  • Heart Disease: According to the Cleveland Clinic, extra fat in the body can inevitably lead to heart disease. Based on where your body stores fat, the risk of heart disease varies in people. This means people who store more fat around their stomach and hips are more prone to heart disease.
  • Diabetes: Type-2 diabetes often goes unnoticed when people are overweight. This is because inflammation in the body increases with weight increase which releases certain bad hormones. They increase resistance to the insulin hormone, which regulates sugar levels. It’s always wise to lose weight if you have a family history of diabetic patients.
  • Fatty liver disease: Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the end-all if you’re dealing with body fat. Since there is no particular medication for this, losing weight is the only way to go.
  • Undernutrition: Undernutrition is a situation that coexists with obesity. Overeating does not mean you are fulfilling your nutritional requirements. According to WHO, developing countries like India face a double burden of malnutrition due to being underweight and overweight at the same time.


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The Vicious Cycle of Obesity

The Vicious Cycle of Obesity

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There are numerous men like Mohit who struggle with their appearance and body weight. Being overweight is difficult.

Being body positive is also a difficult journey. Mohit always comes across popular media encouraging people to be “healthy”. But what exactly is healthy when being overweight brings a range of health issues with it?

Losing weight can be a pain especially if your body has a slow metabolism rate or you simply have a lifestyle that’s not weight-loss friendly.


Even Mohit writes the same:


“If the weight exceeds a certain level, it becomes difficult to reduce it”.


But this is the first step towards a healthier weight – realising that it is a problem and finding a solution:


Jason Helmes @anymanfitness

The bad news: You’ve let yourself go and you’re overweight.

The good news: You acknowledged the problem and can start working on the solution right now.

Your body is entirely in your control; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Mohit wanted something safe, something natural. He did not want to resort to anything allopathic, considering its side-effects. It also had to be easy enough to incorporate into his hectic lifestyle.

It was a brave decision for Mohit to give herbal weight management medication a try. But he did so because of two major reasons:

  1. It is herbal, hence no harmful side effects.
  2. It contains a lot of herbal ingredients which are clinically tested to be effective in weight loss.


This is how Mohit came across Lo-Wt – a perfectly herbal weight management solution.


“So, because Lo-Wt contains so many herbal ingredients, I decided to give it a try. I am certain of two things: No. 1, it will not have any adverse effects, and it will be effective.” -Mohit


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What does Lo-Wt Contain?


Lo-Wt is a safe, effective weight loss proprietary medicine that helps with healthy weight management. It contains the goodness of a variety of herbs that helps with weight loss like:


  • Green Coffee Bean: The chlorogenic acid in Green Coffee Bean helps in weight loss, controls blood sugar levels and also aids high blood pressure.


Green Coffee Bean

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  • Vrikshamla: It helps in weight loss by stimulating fat and carbohydrate metabolism.



  • Arjuna: Arjuna chaal relieves infammation-related swelling, which helps in losing weight.


  • Pippali: The antioxidant and heat-producing (thermogenic) quality of piperine compound in Pippali helps with weight loss.


  • Sunthi: Ginger or sunthi helps in belly fat reduction and also has a significant effect of inflammation.


  • Musta: Musta has a considerable anti-obesity action because it can metabolize fat and remove it from out body.



  • Guggul: Herbal supplements containing guggul curb appetite and reduce skinfold thickness.



“So, because Lo-Wt contains so many herbal ingredients, I decided to give it a try. I’ve started and am optimistic about achieving my goal weight.” – Mohit


Just like Mohit, losing weight is on everyone’s mind and it is not for a small reason. We now know that a large number of diseases including diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders, hypertension and PCOD are caused in weight gain or are worsened by being overweight.

Mohit is now a healthier and energetic person, shining at his workplace and job industry.

You too can join Mohit’s journey in reaching an optimum weight and healthier, disease-free life.


Order Lo-Wt now.

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