Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to contract manufacturing herbal extracts, our service is based on reliability, integrity and efficiency – essential qualities in a sensitive and critical business.

Sourcing of botanical raw material, processing, quality assurance, packaging, and warehousing are all centralized here. The facility offers a full range of procurement and extraction services and has a capacity to produce 150 metric tons (MT) of water based extracts and 50 MT solvent based extracts annually.

State-of-the art equipment and a dedication to quality control through all stages of raw material procurement and production processing lead to the production of high quality botanical extracts at competitive prices as per Quality and Food safety management systems.

We offer comprehensive and confidential contract manufacturing services for products from development through to bulk production.

Some of the services offered include:

  • Process development and optimization
  • Process scale up and validation
  • Multi kilo pilot plant production
  • Bulk production