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Don’t Ignore Erectile Dysfunction; Deal With It

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There are a lot more people who have ED, but out of shame, they don’t talk to doctors or friends about it.

But it needs to be brought out into the open and talked about Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is a common disorder that affects men of all ages. It can be caused by a number of things, including stress, depression and substance abuse.

This article will go over some helpful tips on how to avoid erectile dysfunction and what you should do if you have it.


5 Reasons To Get Your Erection Problems Checked Out By A Doctor And How To Prevent Them From Coming Back!


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  1. Erection problems can be caused by a number of reasons, such as aging, stress, and depression.
  2. To prevent the erection problems from coming back, it is best to get them checked out by a doctor and get treatment.
  3. There are many treatments available for erectile dysfunction. It is important to find one that suits you best.
  4. You should also take care of your health by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.
  5. If you are experiencing erection problems for more than two weeks then it is time to see a doctor!


How ED Affects a Man’s Self-esteem And Quality of Life? How Does It Affect Marriage?


ED is a common condition that affects a man’s self-esteem and quality of life. It also has an adverse effect on marriage. Men with ED are more likely to have sexual problems and are less satisfied with their sex lives than men without ED.

Men with ED also have more difficulty in maintaining an erection for sexual intercourse, which can lead to marital issues.


Ways to treat Erectile Dysfunction?


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There are a variety of ways to treat erectile dysfunction depending on the underlying cause. If the cause is physical, then therapies such as medication or surgery may be necessary. If the cause is psychological, then therapies such as counseling or therapy may be necessary. Some men may also find that lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking or eating healthier, can help improve their erectile function.


  • Ayurveda and Erectile dysfunction treatment


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common disorder and Ayurveda has historically used a variety of herbs and other natural ingredients to address the issue. Herbs like Shilajeet, Shatavari, Ashwagandha and Amla can be consumed as herbal teas or as herbal supplements. These herbs are also known for their general health benefits. Some other herbs like Jyotishmati can be applied directly in the form of herbal oil. All these herbs have Ayurvedic properties that help in treating various sexual disorders.


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Herbs to cure Erectile dysfunction treatment:


1) Gokshura
(Tribulus terrestris or Gokharu)



Known to increase energy and vitality levels, Gokshura increases pressure in the blood to strengthen penile tissues, thus improving penile erection. Additionally, Gokshura is a potent aphrodisiac that arouses sexual desire and improves sexual function in men.


2) Ashwagandha
(Withania somnifera or Indian Ginseng)



Ashwagandha helps in building muscle strength and is also effective in improving an individual’s resistance towards stress. Known to be a libido booster, it also helps in relieving the psychological element involved in erectile dysfunction. In addition to this, Ashwagandha increases sperm count and quality enhances testosterone levels and fertility in men.


3) Shatavari
(Asparagus racemosus or Wild Asparagus)



Shatavari prevents ageing, increases longevity, imparts immunity, improves mental function, vigor and adds vitality to the body. It maintains healthy energy levels and strengthens the body. Shatavari also increases libido and helps overcome emotions of irritability and anger.


4) Kaucha
(Mucuna pruriens or Velvet Bean)



Kaucha has a positive effect on male reproductive functions in terms of hormone profile, organ weights, semen quality and quantity. It has antioxidants that enhance sexual performance and stamina. Kaucha also promotes blood circulation, balances hormonal levels and increases libido.


5) Jatiphala
(Myristica fragrans or Common Nutmeg)



Jatiphala has nervous stimulating properties which enhance libido. It possesses aphrodisiac activity, delays ejaculation time & sustains erection during intercourse.


6) Akarkarabha
(Anacyclus pyrethrum or Spanish Chamomile)



Chamomile improves sexual pleasures and erectile problems without causing side effects. It improves testosterone levels, libido and sperm count.


7) Shwet Musli
(Asparagus adscendens)

Shwet Musli


Shwet Musli Extract helps in improving fertility and vitality in men. It calms down nerve cells and prevents the risk of nervous disorders like depression, anxiety and stress. It is beneficial for addressing issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and infertility.


8) Vidarikand
(Pureria tuberosa)



Vidarikand improves sexual performance due to its aphrodisiac activity.


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