Company Profile

Lab Pic SAVA Herbals is a part of the renowned SAVA Group, engaged in manufacturing and marketing of finished pharmaceutical products, Veterinary products, Research & Development of Pharmaceutical products across the globe.

SAVA Herbals have scientifically developed an innovative range of standardized herbal extracts and bioactives with an emphasis on product efficacy, safety and without compromising on the concentration of the active constituent.
Many of our products have strong intellectual property positions which include the claims on process, composition and the methods of use.

Salient features of SAVA Herbals

  • State of the art manufacturing unit-50000 square foot nutraceutical complex, 8000 sq ft R&D center.
  • Global accreditations-GMP, Kosher, Organic and Halal India Certification.
  • Excellent product quality-sophisticated quality control from the plant to finished product consistently provides superb extract quality.
  • Sophisticated testing methods-HPLC, HPTLC, FTIR, UV/VIS, GC, AA, organoleptic, microscopy.
  • Comprehensive range-multiple concentrations and forms to meet your needs.Plant
  • Excellent stability-longer shelf life for powders, granules and liquids.
  • Reliable supply-directly from manufacturing unit to customer.
  • Sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.
  • Marketable health benefits-scientifically studied herbs with well-defined health benefits.
  • Natural label claim-all products are produced using only pure water and alcohol.
  • Practical packaging-convenient size of 25kg HDPE drums suitable for small to large requirement.


SAVA Herbals Difference

Sustainable practices
We are concerned about biodiversity and the source of our herbs.While most of the herbs that we use to produce our extracts comes from the wild, at the same time we also encourage the use of cultivated herbs in order to manage a reliable supply of medicinal herbs.

Raw material procurement and testing
We carefully procure raw material from a set of pre-approved vendors. The raw material is then put in quarantine and tested for yield percentage and residue before it is sent to the production. Our herbal extracts are non-irradiated, produced using only pure water and alcohol without using toxic solvents.

Care for environment
We ensure the judicious use of resources aimed to protect the ecosystem for future generations.

  • The advanced wastewater treatment system uses bioremediation techniques creating pure water used to irrigate on-site herb gardens.
  • Biomass left from the extraction process is composted and used in landscaping.
  • Energy efficient cooling and power generation systems ensure optimum utilization of natural resources.