Tulasi Herbal Extract

Tulasi Herbal Extract SAVA Herbals provides consistent high quality Tulasi (Holy basil) extract with 2% Ursolic acid content. Tulasi or Ocimum sanctumcomprises 30 species which are found in tropical and subtropical regions.

Tulashi, Tulsi, Tulasi, Garden balsam, Green Tulsi, Holy basil

Botanical Name
Ocimum sanctum

Sanskrit Name
Tulsi, Tulasi

General Description
Tulasi is fragrant bushy perennial herb growing upto 1.5 m in height with profusions of white blooms and slightly purple tinted foliage. Leaves and flowering tops are used for extracting essential oil. Oil of Tulasi or Ocimum sanctum has revealed the presence of five fatty acids (stearic,palmitic, oleic, linoleic andlinolenic acids). It is a good source of beta carotene, calcium, vitamin C and it also contains volatile substances.

The leaves contain ursolic acid and n-triacontanol.The leaves also contain an essential oil, which contains eugenol, eugenal, carvacrol, methylchavicol, limatrol and caryophylline. The seeds contain oil composed of fatty acids and sitosterol. The roots contain sitosterol and three triterpenes A, B, and C.

SAVA Herbals Specifcations:
Tulasi 2%

  • Ocimum sanctum
  • 2% Ursolic acid

25 Kg Double Polylined HDPE drum.

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