Gotu Kola Herbal Extract

Gotu Kola Herbal ExtractSAVA Herbals provides consistent high quality Gotu Kola extracts with 10% and 20% Asiaticocides.

Gotu kola, Indian Pennywort, Brahmi

Botanical Name
Centella asiatica

Sanskrit Name

General Description
Gotu kola is a perennial plant and member of the parsley family. The leaves and stems of Gotu kola plant are useful. It has a small fan-shaped green leaves. It is tasteless and odourless herb.

Asiaticoside,triterpenoid compounds,saponins, quercetin, tannin, sugar, oxyasiaticoside, brahmoside, braminoside, centelloside, madecassoside, thunkuniside, bitters, sterols, pectin, B-sitosterol

SAVA Herbals Specifcations:
Gotu Kola

  • 10% Asiaticocides


Gotu Kola

  • 20% Asiaticocides


25 Kg  Double Polylined HDPE drum

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