BACOPA MONNIERI - Bacopa Max® Herbal Extract

BACOPA MONNIERI - BacopaMax® Herbal Extract SAVA Herbals provides high quality Bacopa extract with 60% bacosides content.

Brahmi, bacopa, Herpestismonniera, Water hyssop, Thyme-Leaved Gratiola,

Botanical Name
Bacopa monnieri

Sanskrit Name

General Description
Bacopamonnieriis a small, creeping herb with numerous branches, small oblong leaves, and light purple flowers. In India, Bacopa grows naturally in wet soil, shallow water, and marshes.Bacopamonnieri or Brahmihas a long history of use in the Ayurveda.

Bacopacontains many active constituents, including a number of alkaloids,saponins, sterols however; the major constituents are the Bacosides A and B steroidal saponins.

SAVA Herbals Specifcations:

  • BacopaMonnieri
  • 60% Bacosides


25 Kg Double Polylined HDPE drum.

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