Factory Tour

Our 50,000 square foot nutraceutical complex is designed keeping in mind the international standards and incorporates necessary measures to prevent cross contamination and safety aspects. Our ultra-modern manufacturing facility has dedicated aqueous and solvent extraction blocks The facility has a series of resin columns which are very effective in isolation, purification or separation of active ingredients, impurities or unwanted materials, bitterness and pigments.

The facility is divided into following functional areas:  
  • Administrative Block
  • Raw Material Warehouse
  • Research and Development laboratory
  • Quality Control laboratory
  • Solvent Extraction Block
  • Aqueous Extraction Block
  • DM Water Plant
  • Solvent Storage Area
  • Spray Dryer
  • Vacuum Drying Area
  • Granulation area
  • Packing Area
  • Finished Goods Warehouse

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