Dosha Theory

When all three doshas (bioenergy) and agni (metabolic process) are in balance, and excretions are in proper order, when atman (soul), senses, manah (intellect) are in harmony with internal peace, the svastha (optimal health) is achieved.

The following is a short description of the Doshas to help you determine which Dosha your constitution or an imbalance is so you can decide exactly which remedy is right for you.

The Vata Dosha

  • Symbol: Air
  • Principle: Movement, transport and kinetic energy in the body-mind.
  • Essence: Prana, the Life Force.
  • Body Type: Small body frames, average amount of hair which tends to be dry and lightBrown, dry or rough skin, small eyes.
  • Mental Picture: Short-term memory is best, changing moods and thoughts.
  • Vata in Balance: Alert and spontaneous
  • Vata out of Balance: Worried, mood swings.
  • Key words: Light, cold, dry, fast, quick, changing, movement, restlessness.
  • Herbs and Extracts: Triphala, Gotu Kola, Ashwagandha, Poshkarmool.


The Pitta Dosha

  • Symbol: Fire
  • Principle: Transformation, metabolism, and discrimination in the body-mind.
  • Essence: Tejas, Inner Light and Radiance.
  • Body Type: Medium-size body frames, average amount of hair that tends to be reddish or gray and thinning, soft, slightly oily skin and medium size eyes.
  • Mental Picture: Good memory, sharp intellects, sound sleepers, quick tempers.
  • Pitta in Balance: Enterprising and joyous.
  • Pitta out of Balance: Angry, impatient, frustrated.
  • Key words: Hot, fiery, perceptive, and intense.
  • Herbs and Extracts: Triphala, Bahera, Harad, Kalmegh, Gotu Kola


The Kapha Dosha

  • Symbol: Water.
  • Principle: Integration, lubrication, potential energy and stability in the body-mind.
  • Essence: Ojas, Primal Vitality.
  • Body Type: Large body frames and thick, dark brown or black hair which tends toward oiliness. Oily, moist skin and large eyes.
  • Mental Picture: Calm, steady and stable, good long-term memory, heavy sleepers, slow to be irritated.
  • Kapha in Balance: Strong and calm.
  • Kapha out of Balance: Dull and lethargic.
  • Key words: Slow, steady, solid, heavy, accumulation, and regularity.
  • Herbs and Extracts: Triphala, Turmeric, Salai, Guggul